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DESK is given to empowering Deaf women and girls on their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – SRHR. This is after a realization that the Deaf women and girls lag behind on issues regarding these rights. We work towards making the Deaf woman and girl know her rights on matters concerning sex and reproduction. It includes the enhancing the independence in making decisions on who to love, where and how; how many children to have, with who and even the family planning method to use.

The legal rights in case of abuse cannot be overemphasized in our capacity building on SRHR.

We are also building evidence based interventions designed to prevent violence against deaf women. DESK is examining the policy dimensions of violence prevention by evaluating the impact of and challenges to existing legislation (laws) and using our findings to advocate for the implementation of these laws and bridge the gaps that may be existing.

DESK also conduct capacity building activities related to SRHR. We participate in strategic regional and global networks that work to strengthen civil society and advance the field of preventing violence against Deaf women and girls.

Thanks to our donor partners, the Amplify Change for making this project a success.


DESK held a 3-day workshop “SILENT NO MORE” on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – SRHR in Embu town. The Deaf ladies were empowered on their rights and advised never to keep quiet in case of any unusual incidence. 50 Deaf ladies were gathered for this empowerment.

We had a procession in Embu town to create more awareness on the Deaf and in particular Deaf girl at this time.


The idea of national TV Talk-show was born because we believed through it the SRHR information/awareness would be amplified due to a vide viewership.

This happened in one of our national TV, the Kenya Broadcasting Station – KBC former VoK.


DESK held a one-day workshop for about 20 duty-bearers. It was aimed at sensitizing and empowering them with vital information to position them better in serving the Deaf community.

The workshop happened at the Foundation College in Kathageri, Embu County.

Among the empowered were security and health officers as seen below:


  • All of them that participated in the capacity building in one way or the other are direct beneficiaries of SRHR awareness.
  • The participants in the SRHR activities became our ambassadors in their different regions hence increasing the impact.
  • The TV talk-show reached many Kenyan Deaf community all over the nation and beyond.
  • The duty bearers were enhanced in their perception on the Deaf community hence changing their negative attitude. Their colleagues benefited from their empowerment.
  • There is more awareness and increased visibility on the Deaf community which will create more opportunities for the Deaf.
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