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DESK works to create public awareness of key legal rights affecting the rights and interests of Deaf citizens. The assumption is that Deaf people will demand enforcement of their rights only if they are aware of them. This will in turn help them to fight poverty and marginalization. The project uses different means to create awareness of rights.

The deaf are made aware of their rights and if violated, the means in which to pursue them using the legal systems provided.

DESK envisages building the capacity of key institutions that are engaged in implementation of law to enhance the enforcement of rights that are recognized in the Constitution and international human rights instruments ratified by Kenya. To realize this, DESK has set out to provide tailor made human rights trainings to enhance the enforcement of the human rights of Deaf citizens.


Most deaf and their families are now more informed on their legal rights and justice system.

There has been an increased reporting of the deaf to the authorities in cases of rights violation incidences.


  • Increment of students interested to learn Kenyan sign language.
  • More respect to the deaf in the society
  • Visibility of the Deaf has increased
  • Reduction of stigma to the Deaf
  • Increased access of information to the deaf community

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