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Deaf Livelihood Development Activity – DLDA is an initiative of DESK which is aimed at empowering the Deaf and their families across the nation of Kenya to lift themselves out of poverty through self-employment by involving themselves in sustainable economic activities and inclusive business development.

Through the partnership of the Government of Kenya (GoK), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other key stakeholders, DESK has been able to train 151 (male – 80, female – 71) Deaf individuals and offer a seed capital (in form of assets).

The training happened in three cohorts namely A, B and C. A one-month entrepreneurial training was conducted for each cohort and certificates awarded at completion.

DLDA is open to all Deaf who are 18 years and above and also both to those who have on-going businesses (existing) and them that wish to start new businesses (starters).

The Phase 1 of the DLDA covered 29 counties and the Top five regions represented by participants were, Embu (29), Mombasa (16), Machakos (12), Nairobi (11), Nakuru (10).

Worthy to note is that even before the seed capital was given, some Deaf had already started new incoming generating activities from the knowledge they had acquired from the training.

Others who had existing businesses could manage them well hence increasing income.

DLDP Graduation


DESK conducted a pre-visit exercise to the beneficiaries which was aimed at ensuring their business locations and confirming their business ideas (business plans) before the procurement of the equipments/items was done


The DLDA Equipment Handover Ceremony 24th August 2018. It saw the gathering of majority of the DLDA beneficiaries and their parents/guardians and a represaentation of the key partnaers.


DESK do and will not stop at training and asset financing. We have a structured monitoring and evaluation exercise in place. This will help us to learn from the beneficiaries and better our implementation in DLDA Phase 2.

The M & E exercise is and will be used to offer mentorship and technical support to the beneficiaries.

Here are some photos of businesses during the follow-up exercise (after the issuance of the equipments) in different.

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