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Despite being a new organization founded a few years ago, DESK’s core strength is her excellent understanding of the people she serves and her practical approach to finding solutions to problems experienced by Deaf population. This strength is rooted in the fact that most of its staff is composed of professional persons with deafness with lots of anecdotal memoirs and testimonies of human rights abuses, personal experience, and relevant education background which will be harnessed throughout the programs.

DESK CEOJacob Ireri - Founder and CEO
Responsible for overall organization leadership. Mr. Ireri brings to the organization 10+ years experience in development work, project planning, implementation and management as well as deafness and development. He has worked with International NGOs focusing on deafness and development. Previously he worked with DPO in disability sector implementing, monitoring and evaluating disability rights projects to transform the lives of Deaf people in East Africa. He’s also World Deaf Scholar overseeing the development of Deaf communities in Kenya and around the world. He holds BA and MA in International Development/Deaf Education, Washington DC, USA

DESK Outreach OfficerJoy Kanana - Deputy CEO / Director Deaf Outreach 
Joy specializes in reaching out to “hard-to-reach” extremely marginalized deaf to find their priority needs and rights issues via outreach evaluation/research to inform design of projects and activities that address their issues. Prior to joining, DESK, Joy worked with Africa Yoga Project Nairobi as Teacher of the Deaf, Trainer of Deaf adults in self-advocacy. Joy brings to Organization 5+ experience in community/stakeholders mobilization, skills training and as well as deafness and development. Joy holds a diploma at Mountain view College, Meru Kenya.

DESK SecretaryPeter Kabethi - DESK Secretary
Supports the team in overseeing the M & E and technical aspects and operations of organizations and programmatic activities to ensure smooth implementation of the activities. Additionally he does other duties assigned by the CEO. Peter has a diploma in Education from KISE, and is currently pursuing his BA in Education with a concentration on Special Needs Education at Mount Kenya University

DESK Finance ManagerPauline Murugi - Finance Officer / Accountant
Oversees all financial and accounting functions and formulates and administers DESK’s overall financial plans and policies. Until her appointment, she worked with Jola Contractors LTD being responsible for the preparation of year end accounts, preparation of budget, reconciliation of bank statement with cash book, monitoring financial activities on assigned programs and as well as preparing expenditure reports, internal audit, risk management of the assets. Pauline brings 4+ year experience to DESK program in area of finance and accounting. She holds a bachelor of commerce in finance and accounting at the University Of Mysore, India and, a diploma in practical finance and accounting at the same University. She also has a CPA 1 from KASNEB

DESK CEOBancy Kagendo - Program Officer Training, Livelihood and Inclusivity
Bancy holds bachelors degree in Special Needs Education (HI and KSL specialization). She's has some ICT and communication skills. She has promised to serve Deaf people in Kenya with honesty. Her ultimate goal is to become a strong advocate for the rights of the Deaf and to ensure equity in all opportunities for the Deaf in Kenya.

Patrick Muhia PhotoPatrick Muhia - Program Officer Communication, Public Relations and KSL Interpreter
Patrick is a self-motivated person who has undergone diverse experiences in the world of disability and in particular the Deaf for over eight years. He holds a Higher Diploma in Counseling Psychology, a Certificate is Kenyan Sign Language from KISE and another Certificate in Sign Language interpretation from Kenyan Sign Language Research Project. He has a wide range of experience in different interpreting situations including classroom setups, seminars and workshops, capacity building, church interpretation, social gatherings, hospital interpretation and adherence facilitation, family meetings, conflict resolution and police issues. Having interpreted with KISE, Kenya Institute of Special Education, Patrick has been empowered with special needs education/information, and actively involved in advocacy on disability rights, mobilization of PWDs, spiritual care (including in Schools for the Deaf), individual and couple counseling and intervention when there is conflict especially on family matters and love issues.

Jemimah Apisi -  Program Officer KSL Training, Advocacy and Mobilization 
Jemimah Apisi, brings on board over two years experience in front office operations and teaching from Kilindini Deaf Association and Pwani Deaf Association. She is hardworking, dedicated and self motivated in her field of work and looks forward to Deaf Empowerment as helping and empowering the Deaf is her passion.

Lydiah Nkatha Nteere - Program Officer Fundraising
Lydiah is a lady who has a wide range of experience with the Deaf and the PWDs in general. This has come from her Kenyan Sign Language training with the Kenyan Sign Language Research Project (KSLRP) and working as an interpreter with the Kenya Institute of Special Education, Kenya National Deaf Peace Network, Kenyan Sign Language Research Project (KSLRP) and Laikipia East Constituency Development Fund Committee training. Being committed in the community, she has acquired the skills to interpret in other formal and non-formal setups such as home gatherings, church services, weddings and common interactions between the Deaf and hearing. She also holds skills in disability awareness, computer applications and HIV Testing and Counselling – HTC.

Purity Kagendo PhotoPurity Kagendo - Office Assistant / Personal Assistant to the CEO
Purity Coordinates all office chores and responsibilities as well as helping out in the Kenya sign Language program. She is also an instructor. Additionally she does general office administrative duties as tasked by the CEO. Prior to joining DESK Kagendo worked as an Instructor, Sign language and ECD teacher in Nairobi. She holds a diploma in early childhood development, The Foundation college. She brings 3+ year training, advocacy and development experience to DESK.

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