Machakos Pre-visit
DESK carried out a business to be premises pre-visit in Machakos
DLDA Equipment / Assets hand over ceremony
Handover of assets to DLDA beneficiaries by the CEO
DLDA Equipment / Assets Ceremony
Beneficiary receiving equipment from the CEO
DLDA Equipment / Assets Ceremony on NTV News
DLDA Equipment / Assets Ceremony captured on TV
DLDA Training Group C
The DLDA training for group C in progress
Who we are

Who we are

We are an NGO for and of Deaf persons in Kenya and seek to ensure equal opportunities in all walks of life for Deaf persons in Embu and throughout Kenya.

Who we are

What we do

To achieve our mission we have created various programs to promote involvement in supporting the needs of the young Deaf persons within the community.

Who we are

Support Us

In order to meet our mission and provide services in our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals like you and businesses for support.


DESK was majorly established due to discrimination and prejudice against Deaf persons, in addition to the fact that there was no organisation or program specifically targeting the needs of those persons. DESK established itself with the goal of equally supporting deaf persons in Embu County and throughout Kenya to improve their standard of living. This support is in terms of human rights advocacy, education and training, political, social and economic empowerment.

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Our Projects

At DESK we aim at improving lives and life chances of the Deaf and Hard of hearing
persons in the Republic of Kenya.


Mr. & Ms. Deaf Kenya

Teaching contestants to learn about themselves, to foster independence, and to identify individual strengths and collaborative efforts which create public awareness about HIV/AIDs, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Poverty.



Leadership & Capacity Building

DESK organizes and facilitates leadership training for Deaf leaders drawn from all counties in Kenya. The goal of the training is to equip Deaf leaders, current and emerging, with the necessary leadership knowledge, skills and experience...



Education, Research & Development

Unique focus on access to education for Deaf children and youth by promoting and supporting positive models of inclusive education in Deaf schools, preschools and other centers of learning where need arises.



Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights

DESK is given to empowering Deaf women and girls on their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – SRHR. This is after a realization that the Deaf women and girls lag behind on issues regarding these rights.



Deaf Livelihoods Development

DLDA is an initiative of DESK which is aimed at empowering the Deaf and their families across the nation of Kenya to lift themselves out of poverty through self-employment by involving themselves in sustainable...



Kenyan Sign Language Training

Due to communication gap that exists between Deaf and hearing people in our society, we sincerely recognize there is a need to bridge this gap. Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya established the first ever KSL training program...



Fellowship Church of the Deaf

DESK, in partnership with ACK St Paul’s Cathedral, established a Deaf church namely, Fellowship Church of the Deaf (FCD). DESK believes that deaf people can and should be the leaders of their own church and church programs.



Human Rights and Justice Program

DESK works to create public awareness of key legal rights affecting the rights and interests of Deaf citizens. The assumption is that Deaf people will demand enforcement of their rights only if they are aware of them.


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